Signals to Earth - Signs of Life Detected :) #Mondaymotivation

Yes, I am still alive. 3 month of hiatus must be enough. Many things have happened that kept me from creating content for my Thursday thread posts but I have things I can post.
I always said, I would still do all the things when I have the baby but I was kidding myself lol.
Also, I have started a new obsession: Jamberry Nails.
But I want to get back to Thread Thursday. I have a stack of baby clothes projects that I want to tackle and share.
So stay tuned and forgive me if my ambitions are higher than my energy level and I am a little behind now and then again.
I hope you enjoy my ramblings anyways.

P.S. I bought a nice DSLR camera, so I am hoping to be able to share some nicer pictures with my posts.