Embedded Links in your Blog or Page

After another month of screwing off, I am back to blogging.
I started creating draft posts and adding notes to them as they come to me, to make it easier.
Otherwise, I will not write again for a long time, because I always seems to be all out of ideas when I actually have time to write.

Another factor is not having anything to show for. What I mean is pictures and stories of things I make. I mean who wants to read a post about me weeding in the garden :D
It is always easy to write about a recent art project or clothing made, especially because I have pictures to accompany the writing. It makes it just much more interesting to read.

But now, I do have about 5 posts lined up. I think having some drafts will also make it easier to pick and choose what I am in the mood to write about that day.
Most of the upcoming posts are about productivity, how to focus and so on. Why?
Well, as my infrequent blogging may hint at, I am not very good at these things. I often get distracted or lose interest in a project, or I am simply not motivated.
As a result, I have looked into some tools and techniques to get better. Some more successful than others and some yet in the starting phase.

What I have noticed about these topics though is that they don't really contain any photos like the craft post would. They will contain some links but no photos. One solution to pepper up the "mostly writing" post I found in embedded links.
What is that? A link that includes a picture or preview from the page they link to and is formatted in a nice block that stands out from the normal text.
I could have done this painstakingly for every link myself but I discovered a nice site that generates the html code for you. You can just paste it into your blog or site. The generator link can be added as a bookmark and voila!

Embedly makes your content more engaging and easier to share | Embedly

The site also offers an embed button that can be added to the bottom of your post to easily generate the code for others to use when they want to link to your post / site.
Embed button:
Pretty neat, hey?

If you create the code for your links as cards on the Embedly site you have more options to format them. But it seemed too inconvenient to do for every link. The only extra option I was interested in is to not have the social media buttons next to the embedded link. But I found out the code that determines that.
Looks like attribute
in the card link is what turns off the social media buttons. So just copy it into the tag, if you do not what to  go to the Embedly site very time.

I am planning on using this service for embedded links on my blog. Maybe I'll create something on my own if I am bored and really in the coding mood, but for now this is a great quick way to add something more visual to your mostly text based posts.

Next up, some productivity related posts. I hope, you'll come back to read them.