Daily Posts

In the last couple of weeks I noticed that I have started writing less posts again. The same goes for most of the other goals I had set for this year. So I need to get back on track.

I have started by doing one of these cheesy work out DVDs at home :). Also, I have a list of projects I want to start. On the writing front, I am going back to trying for daily posts, even though I sometimes feel, I have nothing to post about. I am one of these people that wants to post progress pictures or I feel the post is too naked. Today I read great post with motivation and tips for writing, that I really enjoyed and that made me write this post to start.

What I’ve Learned as a Writer // zenhabits - By Leo Babauta

I enjoy the Zen habits blog quite a bit. Different topics and authors, make it quite interesting. And they have a lot to teach!