Etsy Craft Party Milwaukee February 2014 Meeting

Today was another meeting of the Etsy Craft Party group of Milwaukee. We try to meet once a week and usually line up dates via this Facebook group. Unfortunately, we were a tiny group today :( Only me and my friend Amie, which is a shame because we have so much room, outlets and a little kitchen at our current location. But it was still fun. I finished 3 pairs of earrings: the blue police boxes, red phone booths, and the Eiffel Towers that I made before but my friend Fen bought some and I needed more for the Etsy store. Fen makes some awesome french beaded stuff -  check out her Facebook Page - so it was just fitting for her to wear some Eiffel Towers :)
Here a preview of the earrings. Tomorrow I need to take some nice pics of them for my Etsy store.

I also started to crochet some clovers for St. Patrick's Day themed earrings. I was thinking about making it dangly with 3 clovers each earring.

I also wanted to try something I recently found online: Arm Knitting!
I want to use some chunky yarn I recycled from an old sweater.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow and may even be a little to elaborate if you are already familiar with knitting. Check out the Kurtz Corner Blog: