Happy Saturday

I guess I have been slacking a little again when it comes to blogging. But not as bad as with my goal to work out LOL. Last few days I have been busy making treasuries on Etsy and some mending / general repair.
However I am starting a new crochet doll. This time I am going for movable joints. The neck, shoulders and thighs are connected via small button joints, the knees and elbows will be just crochet joints. Hope it turns out. I am already done with the head and half the torso. I also have two more doll bodys (one toddler and one teen) that need to be finished with a face, hair and clothing. Otherwise, I want to start making some earrings that are St. Patrick's themed and have sum fun ideas for washcloths. How a bout crocodile claw washcloths, he?
No pics today. I will make some soon. I also need to make a light box and redo some pictures for Etsy.

XOXO Maria