Cheese & Lasagne

I did not write a post yesterday. There was literally no time. Went home from work, right away out for dinner with friends and then to board game night.
Today I woke up late to the doorbell. We got a package from Germany from my uncle and aunt with some lovely cook books. One of them Japanese cuisine. Definitely need to do some of those recipes, but I don't know where to get most of the ingredients. Will have to look that up.
Later we went to Larry's Market - a local deli with tons of tasty imported cheeses.
We bought a peppered salami, Morbier cheese, a blue cheese infused cheddar, and bread cheese. Can't wait to try them.

However, I just made some awesome Lasagna for dinner with spinach, mushrooms and Italian sausage, yum.

After dinner we may watch a funny movie called "This is the end" which is a spoof on all the apocalypse movies and TV shows. And later some very scary video gaming. I want to start some of the crochet feathers I posted about on Thursday though too. We'll see maybe I can squeeze it in :)

Almost forgot the motivational pic: