Recap 4th of July and Baby Blanket

This year I did two decorations for the 4th. One I actually made from the one I made last year. I wrote about it here.
I was not really happy how the star garland had turned out, so I took it apart. I mixed some water and acrylic paint in a spray bottle and sprayed the stars in red, white and blue. Now you can still see that they are from magazine pages, but the colors come out a lot better.
Then, instead of stringing them back up as a garland, I arranged them like the flag. I used some twine to hold them all in place and attached it to a stick. Below some pictures:

The second self-crafted item for the holiday, is a wind chime made from strips from two old T-Shirts and a coffee can. It is now hanging in the tree.

Now I am working on a baby blanked for a friend of mine. The idea was to make it out of little crochet flowers completely, but because they are only about one and a half inches I would need over 700 flowers to make a 3 X 4 blanket. I am also kind of slow making them - finishing only about 5 to 10 a day, and not working on it every day. So I do not believe I will be able to finish it as planned. Plan B is now to only make the rim with these flowers and crochet green squares (grass) in the middle. Here the flowers:

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