Husqvarna Viking Serger

I found this post on sew, mama, sew: Win a NEW Husqvarna Viking Serger ~ Back to School Giveaway!

To win the Serger, they want you to answer one question: How would your life be better with a Serger?
Well, that is an easy question. I can come up with some answers right away:
  1. I don't have an overlock machine right now. So all these seams I have been overcasting with a zig zag, would be a piece of cake.
  2. I would be able to sew so much quicker.
  3. I could sew with up to four different threads.
  4. And obviously many more reasons :)
I really hope I win. Please cross your fingers for me.


  1. Love your answers! Visiting from your comment on Sew, Mama, Sew.

  2. @ Kimberlee: Thanks so much. I really hope I win. Can't wait till the end of the month :)


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