Beads, Buttons & Etsy

Last month I visited the Beads & Button Show here in Milwaukee, and it was just amazing. Especially some of those very intricate glass beads with crazy scenes on them - just awesome. I bought some things there: glass seed beads, coconut beads and some shell flower pendants. Also made a picture:

I went with my new friend Fen, which I met because of Etsy's birthday. For that occasion Etsy Craft Parties were forming all over the world, and Fen and I started the one for Milwaukee. We are planning to do this every month and keep in tough and organize this through a face book group.

Now that I am in the Etsy Craft Party club, I finally got around to opening my Etsy shops.
One for paintings and other art:
And one for clothing and accessories:

Today I also listed my first item in the fashion shop. Here a picture:
It's a turquoise summer dress made from 100% linen and embroidered daisies (wool and glass seed beads).

The next thing should probably be a painting. I'm thinking of starting a Namibia collection.