Crafty Spring and Danielle

I am in the process of making a Danielle Dress for two events that are coming up the next two weekends. The pattern is from Burda Style, and I have been fancying it for a while.
One afternoon, I left work early and stopped at Joann's fabric. I found this beautiful fabric and decided to use it for my own Danielle dress.

The dress is almost finished, but I will also add a purse from the same fabric as an accessory.
I don't have any photos yet, but I will make some when I am done. I also changed the dress a little bit, because I accidentally bought a zipper that is to short, so I put it in the side seam under the arm scythe. That works fine but it is somehow a lot harder to zip it once I am wearing the dress then not wearing the dress :( I guess I have my husband to help me :) And if the zipper was in the back seam, someone would have to help me too, so nothing lost.

I am also looking ahead for some more projects after this one. I have a long list but there are some that are most appealing, which I will probably start first:
  1. I found this awesome bulletin board idea on the dollar store crafts blog, that I want to try. We are in the process of buying a house, and you can always use something like a bulletin board.

  2.  Another similar idea are fabric boxes, which I found on Jezze's blog. I will see how I can combine those with the bulletin board.

  3. I love to try fusing plastic shopping bags together to come up with a thicker plastic fabric, that I can use for reusable shopping totes or for outdoor stuff. I found a great tutorial on the Etsy Labs Archive.

  4. Found a cute bath mat made out of floral fabric and old towels on crafty leftovers. Want to make something similar.

  5. And last but not least in my top 5, laundry sorting baskets made with PVC pipe and screen printed fabric.


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