Sewing Club

I have not sewn for a while now. But I got my motivation back. This week I went to the Milwaukee Burda Sewing Club meeting. It is so much fun to meet other people with the same passion.
We had a lot of fun showing some creations. We started sewing a clutch bag after a pattern from our sewing club organizer Karen. Of course we did not finish it in the meeting : )

So today, I am listening to the soundtrack of "Amélie" and finishing the bag. Here it is:


And there are more news. I just bought a new sewing machine. It's the Brother CE-5000PRW, with 50 stitches and it's computerized. It also is the Project Runway edition, but well, that is not really important :) I am really happy with it, and can't wait to create more. My next project is a bag for this new machine. I am using old jeans and a strap from a messenger bag that I took apart before recycling the broken parts.